It is to Ticino Council of States member Ferruccio Bolla (1911-1984) that we owe the creation of the Dalle Molle Foundation in Switzerland. Ferruccio Bolla was part of the study group led by Angelo Dalle Molle in La Barbariga in the province of Brescia in Italy. Among their fields of research, particular emphasis was placed on communication and linguistics. Aware of the problems posed on an international level by the multiplicity of languages, Angelo Dalle Molle wanted to create a high standard institute which would explore the possibilities of computer-aided semantics.

With its four official languages, Switzerland was extremely interested in this work. Ferruccio Bolla persuaded Angelo Dalle Molle of the appropriateness of establishing his institute in Switzerland and of allocating the necessary resources. The Dalle Molle Foundation for Linguistic Studies was founded in 1971 in Lugano (Switzerland), tasked with conducting research into advanced information technology and artificial intelligence.




The aim of the Dalle Molle Foundation for Quality of Life Contest is to promote innovative projects of general interest and of high scientific quality.

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