1. Aims of awarding the ‘Quality of Life’ prize

The Dalle Molle Foundation for Quality of Life awards the ‘Quality of Life’ prize to a current research project which has already been recognised by research support bodies, public institutions or private companies for its scientific quality.

The foundation has a double aim: to encourage and promote research which allows people to benefit from science and technology and to improve quality of life.

The foundation allocates particular importance to innovative research based on finding new and original solutions to:

  • the harmonious and balanced management of city life;
  • the promotion of human, economic, social and cultural activities which are rewarding for individuals;
  • the enrichment of communications and social interactions;
  • the provision of support for people in order to promote their socio-cultural integration, independence, personal development and dignity.

2. Presentation of the prize

The board of the foundation awards two prizes of 10,000 CHF each every year on the recommendation of a judging panel which is composed of well-known personalities.

The winning prize must meet the objectives of the foundation in terms of seeking to promote quality of life.

The research project will be featured on the foundation’s website to promote its visibility.

The prize money should be assigned to improving the current research project.

The regulations governing the prize, the composition of the judging panel and the list of prize- winners can be found on the website at

Each year, the board of the foundation organises an official public award ceremony to which the press and media are invited. On this occasion, the prize-winners are invited to present their project and, if possible, to organize a demo of the first results of their works.

3. Presentation of the project

3.1. The criteria

The candidate should submit a description of the research project by highlighting in particular the problems associated with improving quality of life. The description should meet the following criteria:

  • The idea must be original. The project rights and intellectual property rights must also be retained.
  • The research may focus on problems associated with science, social sciences, humanities, sustainable development, culture or information technologies and communication.
  • The research project has to be in progress or be accepted for its starting up. Besides, sources of funding will be mentioned.

3.2. Text and form of presentation

The text submitted (max. 2500 words) must clearly indicate:

  • what the problem consists of;
  • why it meets the aforementioned criteria;
  • what is the current level of knowledge and research in this field; a multidisciplinary approach is possible;
  • what links the project authors to the field;
  • what activities are being proposed and whether these activities can lead to a solution to the problem within a timeframe of 2-5 years or else make significant progress in this regard (ideas for a solution);
  • The application should be submitted by the instigator of the project;
  • If the application is being made by an institution, precise details of the applying institution should be included;
  • The description must be provided in one of the national languages of Switzerland or in English and must be submitted in electronic format and sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
  • All projects should also include a summary in English.

3.3. The timeframe

  • The projects must be submitted by 30 April. The judging panel will make their decision on July 15 of the current year;
  • The award ceremony has been fixed in October of the current year.

4. Terms of participation

The competition is open to individuals from all professional backgrounds and of all ages.

Those individuals entitled to take part in the prize competition must:

  • Manage a research project in Switzerland or Italy which meets the aforementioned goals and criteria;
  • Use the prize money to improve the research project;
  • Attend the award ceremony and present the research undertaken at this event.
  • Prize-winners must mention the ‘Quality of Life’ of the Dalle Molle Foundation prize in all research publications.
  • “The works relating to this publication have been awarded the Dalle Molle Foundation’s ‘quality of life’ label for quality of life (”.
    This reference should be featured on all publications and on the website of recipients of the Dalle Molle label for quality of life.
  • The recipients are required to register with the LinkedIn social network of the Dalle Molle Foundation for quality of life at the following address:

5. Project submission

Candidates should send their research proposal to:

Fondation Dalle Molle pour la qualité de la vie c/o Institut de recherche Idiap
Rue Marconi 19
Case postale 592
CH-1920 Martigny
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6. Final provisions

The decisions made by the board of the foundation regarding the awarding of prizes are final and may not be appealed. The board of the foundation is not required to justify its decisions.

The board of the Dalle Molle Foundation for Quality of Life reserves the right to add to and modify the members of the judging panel at any time.



The aim of the Dalle Molle Foundation for Quality of Life Contest is to promote innovative projects of general interest and of high scientific quality.

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